• Photos delivered via web in digital format.

• Every image hand edited (included retouch imperfections on the subject’s face or body, such as blemishes and dark spots, not included weight reduction)


• 3 days to receive your gallery (without edition) to choose your images for edition

• 10 days maximum to choose your images for edition

• 10-15 days edition (after you choose) to delivery by wetransfer

• If you need faster is $50 rush fee

More details

• Delay of up to 15 minutes will be tolerated, more than this time, the session will have less time.

• Cancellation loses the deposit. Re-scheduling up to 6 months reuses the deposit.

This value is for photo sections in our studio or up to 5 miles away. For distances between 5 and 20 miles, an extra fee of $ 80.00 will be charged. For distances between 20 and 30 miles will be charged an extra fee of $ 100.00

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